You are invited to submit a proposal to present a paper by November 30th, 2018

A proposal is to include the following:

  • Title of presentation
  • Author/s Statement of purpose
  • Main findings, arguments, or points made
  • References if appropriate
  • Contact details: mail, e-mail, & phone

You will be informed of the acceptance of your proposal no later than December 14, 2018
If your proposal is accepted, you are required to: register for the Symposium; and submit a copy of your paper for publication.

Publication Options

Proceedings of the Symposium

  • The Proceedings most of the past Symposia are available at
  • Please review these for guidance about topic selection and writing format. APA reference-style is required.
  • The due date for this option is XX.

special issue of the IFHE journal

The repository of the journal is available at:

  • Abstract should not exceed 300 words
  • Paper length should not exceed 6000 words
  • Document should be in Microsoft Word document (doc) or in Rich Text Format (rtf)
  • APA reference-style is required.
  • The draft paper will need to be submitted for blind review no later than XX.

This is a no host event. Participants cover their own expenses. Efforts are made to keep the costs low. All presenters are expected to register.